Bog standard R-Pi Setup

This is my base setup for Raspberry Pi’s. Seems to be a good starting point, but change things to suit what you want to achieve with your Pi.

Base Setup Process:
  • Download the latest image. Almost any will do – NOOBS, Raspbian and Occidentalis all work fine. I often use Raspbian.
  • Install the imaged onto an SD Card. I usually use the SD Card Builder because it’s quick and easy or setup as per this Adafruit Learning post.
  • Login by SSH – you can find the IP address using PiFinder or check in you routers DHCP tables or maybe Pi Finder.
  • Do the usual stuff for first time config
    sudo raspi-config
    Expand to full SD Card and reboot, set a hostname, set locales etc. It’s important to change the hostname to prevent clashes of ‘raspberrypi’ hostname when there is more than one Pi on the network
  • Update all packages with
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade -y.
    Then reboot. Maybe even a couple of times to make sure everything is cool.
  • And don’t forget  to reboot after doing
    sudo rpi-update

That’s it. Takes a little while to do all the upgrades, but then you’re good to go with a fresh base install to do whatever you want with.

There’s a few additional extras that could be worthwhile adding at this point to round things out.

Optional Extras

From here you can now do all sorts of things with your Raspberry Pi, like adding bluetooth support as per this post, because everything is better with bluetooth. Then add BlueProximity for presence detection. Cool.

Or how about a Weather logger?

Adding the Adafruit WebIDE, Google CoderWeb2Py or PiUi is a good idea, particularly for development Pi’s.  Same with adding the Arduino IDE or turning it into a Ninja Block. There is also the Pi Store that makes it easy to install Python games and Apps.

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